ROC Compliance

ROC Compliance & Filing in India

Tax Robo provides expert assistance with Annual ROC Filing for the Company. Ensure you maintain the Annual ROC Compliance by filing the necessary compliances.

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ROC Compliance 

The Registrar of Companies or ROC is a statutory body under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India, supervising the issues with the registration of new Companies and Businesses in India.

The Registrar of Companies has set in place certain regulations and standards that every company that registers with it has to follow. These are called ROC Compliances.

Failing to implement these compliances results in companies getting legal notices. The administrators can be called in for questioning and fines may be levied. The company's licenses to trade may be ceased and the company may be legally disbanded in the worst-case scenario.

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Contact Tax Robo Today to get to know about various compliances in detail, that every corporate owner must be aware of, to keep the law enforcers from knocking on your door.

Compliance execution services we assist in :

✓ Auditor Appointment
✓ Appointment of Directors
✓ Increase of Authorised Capital
✓ Change of name and Main objects of the Company
✓ Maintaining statutory Register
✓ MSME 1
✓ Annual Filing
✓ Register office Change
✓ Conversion into private limited
✓ Share Transfer
✓ DPT – 3

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