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Single Window System for all approvals (Factories, Industries, Companies etc.) in India.

Save yourself from the troubles of submitting papers & proofs every time to get various approvals from different government departments. Now with TaxRobo's single window system, just input your details once &get all mandatory approvals and permissions within specific time frames.

Our Mission and Goal:   

Tax Robo fosters Indian startups, offering end-to-end support from inception to scale-up. We prioritize seamless operations through statutory compliances, celebrating and amplifying client growth as trusted partners.

Maniraj Anantham - Founder

How Tax Robo Works

Simple steps for Company Registration, Easy Steps For Filing GST Monthly Returns, Simple Steps For Filing Income Tax Returns.

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Company Registration

Tax Robo can Register a company with the fastest turnaround time. Get Expert Assistance and Incorporate your Business with our affordable Company Registration solution.

Goods & Services Tax

Simple Process of Goods & Services Tax GST (India) with Tax Robo. GST Registration & File GST Returns Online today with expert guidance and assistance.

Income Tax Returns

Income Tax Returns
File your income tax returns online. Maintains Confidentiality of Information. Get your ITR filing done by Tax Robo online. Find out the process of e-filing your returns today.

Accounting Services

Tax Robo helps you with Outsourced Accounting Services for Your Business. Manage your business books and audit with our Outsourced Accounting Services

Professionals Network all Over India

Handover your business to the ones you can trust. With Tax Robo's legal assistants spread nationwide, get help for your legal problems in your mother tongue. Form an everlasting bond with our local team & run your business successfully.

Company Registration

Register Your Startup With TaxRobo

Your Startup is like your baby. Get it legally ordained to enjoy government benefits & shield it from Compliance troubles.

Company registration in India is easy with TaxRobo. Take advantage of our carefully curated plans for company registration with a simple step.

Get Your Company Registered In A Week!

That's right! No delays. No running around government officials & no bribing sneaky middlemen. Get your company registered legitimately & quickly. All you have to do is.

Make The Right Choice With TaxRobo

Choose between Private Limited, Sole Proprietorship, One Person Company, LLP & many others. Get Guidance on selecting the right legal identity for your business. For more info. & free guidance on selecting your company's legal structure

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Audits all over India

Expose any possible fraudulent activities in your business with surprise audits of Stock audit &Fixed assets. Match figures on books with items/assets in stock& attain peace of mind. Our vigilant team will traverse the length & breaths of our nation to ensure that everything with your business is as smooth as it looks on paper.

Income Tax

Save Money On Income Tax With TaxRobo

We know the value of your hard-earned money. That's why at TaxRobo, our goal is to minimize your income tax with proper Tax Planning, so you can save money for things that really matter.

Income Tax For Businesses

A Salaried person, A Pensioner, A small business owner or a Farmer, each of these is liable to pay tax on earnings.

Pay the absolute minimum as Income Tax with TaxRobo. We suggest ways to reduce your tax burden with appropriate Tax Planning so that your money goes less into tax & more towards achieving your financial goals. Get tips to cut down your tax bucks & siphon your money into profitable investments.


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TaxRobo Business Standard

A Sure Shot System for Every Entrepreneurial Venture. Implement Tax Robo's critically examined & well-tested business standard & set up a dedicated work frame for your business practices. Ensure success with TaxRobo's Business Standard.

Goods & Services Tax - GST (India)

Filing GST Is Easy With TaxRobo

How much are you paying as GST? Are you certain you're not shelling out more than you should be? Is GST calculation giving you nightmares?

We agree GST calculations can be tricky. If not done correctly, you may end up paying more than you should. Furthermore, any mistakes in GST computation may trigger a red alarm & release tax hounds behind your back.

Avoid the wrath of Tax police.

GST For Every Business

Shop-owners, restauranteurs, hoteliers, builders or exporters, no matter the type of business, GST applies to all. Let us help calculate the right amount of GST for your business so that you can peacefully focus on what you do best. To know more about GST compliances specific to your business.

File GST Returns From Anywhere In The World, Anytime!

  Pay GST from the comforts of your home. Forget stepping out in the Sun, waiting for hours in long queues & wandering around the office for documents & approvals.

With TaxRobo, filing a GST return Online is easy-peasy!


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Our Pricing

Simple & Affordable Pricing For Everyone

No Hidden Fees.

GST Registration



All Exclusive Fees

Timeline - 5 To 7 Working Days​

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Company Registration



All Exclusive Fees

Timeline - 10 To 15 Working Days

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One Person Company



All Exclusive Fees

Timeline - 7 To 10 Working Days

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Public Limited Company



All Exclusive Fees

Timeline - 25 To 30 Working Days

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FSSAI Food License​



All Exclusive Fees

Timeline - 15 Working Days​

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Trademark Registration



All Exclusive Tax

Timeline - 15 Working Days

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IE Code License



All Exclusive Fees

Timeline - 3 To 5 Working Days

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MSME/SSI Registration



All Exclusive Fees

Timeline - 1 Working Day

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