copyright registration process in India

Copyright Registration in India 

Tax Robo helps you to protect your brand with copyright registration online in India. Get to know the details for copyright registration in India with Tax Robo.

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Copyright Registration Online 

Copyright is made of 2 words.

Copy means to copy someone's work, product or idea and right means the power or legal dominion to do so.

In simpler terms, copyright is the right to copy, awarded only to the owner of the work by the government.

The owner is allowed to grant someone else, a 3rd party, the right to recreate their work, usually for a sum of money.

Like Trademarks and Patents, Copyright is the intellectual property of the company.

The work can be in the form of a literary, artistic, educational or musical property.

Copyright laws in India

The Indian Copyright Act 1957 (amended by the Copyright Amendment Act, 2012) grants the owner of an individual property to register for copyright and protect their creative work from infringement of any kind.

The Copyright Act also reflects the international norms for copyrights as dictated by the Need Convention for Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, 1886.

Advantages of copyright registration in India

Copyrighting your creative work comes with so many advantages. Let's have a look at some of them

  • Prevention of financial loss: Products, and ideas that are unprotected from copyrights are often stolen, recreated and exploited without the owner's permission leading to a loss of revenue to the owner. Copyright registration stops it by making it a punishable offence.
  • Legal coverage: Many times, proving that a creative property belongs to you becomes difficult in court, in case you sue a party for stealing your work. Copyright registration makes sure your word is taken seriously as the person holding genuine legitimate proof of ownership.
  • The right to recreate: one of the biggest benefits of copyright in India is it creates a surrounding of creativity. For example, a software company spends millions of dollars to create a unique product with hopes of earning huge profits and copyright ensures it can do so without losing revenue.
  • Safeguarding Artist's reputation: The Artist's work remains original and undiluted or untampered with, if it is copyright protected.


 Copyright Registration Packages

Tax Robo Basic 

₹14999 .00

* All Exclusive Tax 

  • Copyright Registration for Books, Website, Logo
  • Including Government Fees

Tax Robo Family Auditor 

₹19999 .00

* All Exclusive Tax

  • Copyright Registration for Cinematography film, Broadcasts on Radio
  • Television, Published editions and Musical work & Sound recording
  • Including Government Fees

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How can I get my creative work registered for copyrights?

The following steps will guide you into getting your intellectual property copyright registered.

Step 1: Apply for registration. The Registrar of Copyrights is the authority responsible for the registration of copyrights of intellectual property in India. An application in the format of Form 4 needs to be filled out and sent along with the registration fee to the registrar.

Step 2: The application must be signed by the applicant as well as the advocate with the POA (power of attorney)

Step 3: Registrar issues a diary no. followed by a compulsory waiting time of 30 days to receive an objection on copyright on the creative work.

Step 4: If no objection is received in a period of 30 days, the application is reviewed and registration is granted with an extract sent to the registrar for entry in the registrar of copyrights.

Documents Required for Copyright Registration 

ID Proof

Scanned copy of PAN Card, Voter ID, Passport , Driving License

Proof of Registration

Type of Business

Main Objectives of the Business

Name of the Brand / Slogan / Logo

Address Proof

Latest Bank statement/ Utility bill in the name of director which should not be older than two months


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