Intellectual Property Filing

Intellectual Property Registration 

Tax Robo helps you with Intellectual Property Registration (IPR) and Intellectual Property Filing in India to safeguard your brand assets.

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Intellectual Property Registration 

What picture comes to your mind when you see a familiar logo,


When you listen to a song from a famous movie…


When you hear…

"Utterly butterly delicious…"

That's Right!

You think of the brands, the movies, or the companies associated with these products.

That's what these things do to you, they create a familiar, trustworthy picture in your mind that compels you to buy these products.

These otherwise insignificant-looking things are called Intellectual properties of your Business and carry a lot of weight in their existence.

It is therefore always a good idea to register your intellectual properties legally, to avoid being stolen or used against your favour by others.

Come with us, as we at Tax Robo are professionals in dealing with securing your intellectual property against thefts and illegitimate use.

Let no one but you benefit from the pearls of your intellect!

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Intellectual Property Packages

Trademark Registration 

Tax Robo Basic 

₹6999 .00

* All Exclusive Tax 

  • Proprietor is having small business and Trademark filing under One class.
  • Single clause of registration
  • Including Government Fees

Patent Registration 

Tax Robo Basic

₹68999 .00

* All Exclusive Tax

  • Invention of a new product or process involving an inventive step and capable of industrial application
  • Complete specifications registration of device patents
  • Including Government Fees

Copyright Registration

Tax Robo Basic

₹14999 .00

* All Exclusive tax

  • Copyright Registration for Books, Website, Logo 
  • Including Government Fees

Process Filing Trademark applications Online with Tax Robo

Process 1

Application Preparation

Process 2

Trademark Filing

Process 3

Discussion on Class

Process 4

File Trademark Registration Application

Process 5

Regular Updates

Process 6

Issuance of Certificate

Documents Required for Trademark Registration Online 

ID Proof

Scanned copy of PAN Card, Voter ID, Passport , Driving License

Proof of Registration

Type of Business

Main Objectives of the Business

Name of the Brand / Slogan / Logo

Address Proof

Latest Bank statement/ Utility bill in the name of director which should not be older than two months


Latest passport size photograph

Advantages of Trademark Registration in India 

Great Business Opportunity

A Product or Service Sold Under a Registered Trademark Helps Build Trust, Honesty, Quality, and Interest in the Minds of Customers. It Gives You A Different Identity Compared To Other Sellers Especially When Selling It On Online Apps Like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

Legal Protection

In the event that you suspect that your Trademark is being copied by anyone else, you can take legal action and sue them if you have registered your logo, brand name, or slogan.

Get Your Unique Identity
Customers Will Identify A Special Product Or Service Only By Product. Trademark Registration Ensures Competitors Will Not Use It And It Remains A Unique Company Asset.

An Assets:
A Trademark can be a valuable asset in a situation where your product creates a name and success. Can Be Commercial, Sold, And Discovery.

Global Filing Of Trademark

Trademark Registered and Completed in India may not be imported except in India. Similarly, Foreigners may also obtain a registered Trademark of India.

Possibly The Most Important Reason for Trademark Registration Strong Ways to Combat Unauthorized Use. Trademark Registration Allows a Company Owner to Prosecute Violations and Find More Powerful Solutions such as Law Enforcement, Legal Submissions, and Injuries.

Importance of Copyright. A Patent Grants Its Owner The Right to Exempt Others from Using Proprietary Technology, Including, For example, Making, Using, or Selling Intellectual Property. Effective Copyright Protection Promotes Research And An Essential Need To Raise Cost Income.

Copyright is a Legal Right Provided by State Law to the First Creators of Intellectual Property.