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GST Return Filing E-commerce Operator 

All about GST on E-commerce Sellers and GST for E-commerce marketplace sellers. Get Tax Robo to assist you in filing the GST returns.

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Goods & Services Tax GST (India)

GST Filing E-commerce Operator 

In this growing era of the internet, almost everything is available for purchase on various E-commerce websites.

However, a customer mustn't forget that goods bought from these E-commerce sites will cost GST to be paid by them but charged by the E-commerce website operator.

Applicability of GST for E-commerce Operator:

A customer's address and the State where they live are very important for the computation of GST on the products bought via these online shopping sites.

A consumer living in Bihar receiving a product that was sent from a shop located in Bihar would attract CGST & SGST whereas if the product was sent from a place other than the home State, for example, the seller was located in Karnataka, in this case, the consumer will be charged with IGST.

Invoicing for E-commerce Operator

Every supplier is required to keep #invoice-wise details of supplies to registered Taxable persons and the aggregate value of supplies to unregistered persons made through the E-commerce platform.

Hence it is very important to raise GST-compliant Invoices.

  • Name, address, and GSTIN of the supplier
  • Invoice number
  • Date of issue
  • Name, address, and GSTIN of the recipient (if registered)
  • HSN code
  • Description of the goods/services
  • Quantity of goods
  • Value(after discount)
  • Rate and amount of GST

E-commerce Operator GST Return Packages 

  Tax Robo Basic

₹4999 .00

* All Exclusive Tax 

  • All GST Returns
  • Below 100 Invoices
  • GST Computation
  • GSTR 1 Filing
  • GSTR 3B Filing
  • GSTR 8 Filings
  • GST Reconciliation
  • GST Payment

Tax Robo Family Auditor
Firm, Private Ltd, OPC, LLP, Public Ltd

₹7499 .00

* All Exclusive Tax

  • All GST Returns
  • Below 100 Invoices
  • GST Computation
  • GSTR 1 Filing
  • GSTR 3B Filing
  • GST Reconciliation
  • GST Payment

Tax Robo Family Auditor

₹9499 .00

* All Exclusive tax

  • All GST Returns 
  • Unlimited Invoices
  • GST Computation
  • GSTR 1 Filing
  • GSTR 3B Filing
  • GST Reconciliation
  • GST Payment

GST Compliance ManAgement Easy with Tax Robo

Monthly Compliances

✓  You know nowadays GST registration is made very easy but compliance is very complicated.

✓  Know about GST invoice formats and preparation the person is engaged in the inter-state supply of goods

✓ Know about eligible input credit

GST Records

✓  Maintain GST documents and accounts properly.

✓  Sending goods with e-way bill.

✓  Confirm GST return computation.

✓  Display GST certificate on office premises.


Working Capital Management- GST

✓  Proper working capital management is required for payment of GST Taxes.

✓ Frequently confirm GSTR 2a reconciliation.

Tax Robo Supports Simple GST Compliance Solution 

Basic GST Training

  • Train you for handling GST documents, input documents and invoices
  • Product analysis with the questions whether the product under any restricted sales in India eg. Cement, Steel.

Regular Compliances

  • Reminder for GST payments and avoid penal actions
  • Filing return before the due date
  • 100% Accurate filing
  • Draft GST compuation send to client for confirmation
  • Filing GST only after your confirmation

Reconciliation of GST

Frequently check your eligible ITC and prepare GSTR 2A reconciliation

Documents Required for GST Return Filings Online 

GST Purchase

✓  Purchase Invoices.

✓  Invoice contains GST Number.

✓ Contains Invoice number & date.

   Descriptions of goods and services.

✓ Place of supply.

GST Sales


✓  Sales Invoice copy.

✓  Invoice contains GST Number.

✓  Contains Invoice number & date.

✓  Descriptions of goods and services.


GST Inputs Tax Credit(ITC)

✓  Input Bills copy.

✓ Invoice contains GST Number.

Advantages & Benefits of GST Registration in India 


  • GST Compliances Safeguard Your Business
  • GST Compliances Are Eligible For Business Loans
  • GST Compliances Are Eligible For Govt Loans
  • Customers Know About Your GST Compliances, Hence Business Relation Will Be Goods

Save Taxes 

  • Avoid Penal Actions
  • GST Is Great Benefits For Business Persons, Only GST Collected From Customers Are Paying After Input Credit. Nothing From Your Pocket
  • Tension Free Business For Non Compliances
  • Avoiding Late Fees And Penalty

Error Free 

  • Total Elimination Of Clerical Error / Error- Free Return
  • Tax Robo Recommends/Suggests Tax Savings Plan & Products To Clients

Compliance after GST Registration 


  • File maintenance is very important
  • Maintain your GST invoice and input documents in proper ordering
  • Filing GST return before the due date is art of administration
  • Periodical reconciliation is required

Working Capital 

  • Plan your prearation GST invoices and their collection before the GST payment date
  • Consider month end prepartion GST Taxable invoices. If you have enough working capital.