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GST Filing Manufacturing Services 

Know all about the GST taxes on Manufacturing Services and Manufacturers in India from Tax Robo.

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Goods & Services Tax GST (India)

GST Return Filing Manufacturing Services 

With the onset of GST, many sectors benefitted from the simplification of Tax laws and reduced rates of Taxes along with other pros and the manufacturing sector is no exception.

GST implementation in the manufacturing industry introduced benefits such as :

1. Reduced the Production Cost

GST eliminated these cascading Taxes, automatically saving manufacturers money. It also created the Input Tax Credit to help lower Tax Bills.

2. Easier Interstate Buying and Selling

With GST, the process is now much easier. No matter where vendors and customers are located, one still needs to pay the same GST rate. This gives the freedom to choose the vendors with the best prices.

3. Improved Logistics

GST was implemented and many State border checkpoints were immediately shut down. You can now use the e-way bill system to register shipments and pay Taxes online. This means you save valuable time on logistics and spend less money on fuel.

GST on the manufacturing sector was introduced with a composition scheme too. The trader's and manufacturers options for this scheme can get many benefits such as :

  • Freedom to pay GST on a quarterly basis rather than a monthly basis, thus easing off the troubles of paying GST every month.
  • A reduced rate of 1 % is to be paid as GST.
  • GST is to be applicable only on their turnover of Taxable supplies rather than total turnover.
  • No need to maintain books or detailed records as opposed to normal Taxpayers not availing of the composition scheme.

Manufacturing Services GST Return Packages

Tax Robo Basic

₹1499 .00

* All Exclusive tax

  • All GST Returns
  • Below 100 Invoices
  • GST Computation
  • GSTR 1 Filing
  • GSTR 3B Filing
  • GST Reconciliation
  • GST Payment

 Tax Robo Family Auditor
Firm, Private Ltd, OPC, LLP, Public Ltd

₹2499 .00

* All Exclusive tax

  • All GST Returns
  • Below 100 Invoices
  • GST Computation
  • GSTR 1 Filing
  • GSTR 3B Filing
  • GST Reconciliation
  • GST Payment

 Tax Robo Family Auditor

₹4999 .00

* All Exclusive tax

  • All GST Returns 
  • Unlimited Invoice
  • GST Computation
  • GSTR 1 Filing
  • GSTR 3B Filing
  • GST Reconciliation
  • GST Payment

GST Compliance ManAgement Easy with Tax Robo

Monthly Compliances

✓  You know nowadays GST registration is made very easy but compliance is very complicated.

✓  Know about GST invoice formats and preparation the person is engaged in the inter-state supply of goods

✓ Know about eligible input credit

GST Records

✓  Maintain GST documents and accounts properly.

✓  Sending goods with e-way bill.

✓  Confirm GST return computation.

✓  Display GST certificate on office premises.


Working Capital Management- GST

✓  Proper working capital management is required for payment of GST Taxes.

✓ Frequently confirm GSTR 2a reconciliation.

Tax Robo Supports Simple GST Compliance Solution 

Basic GST Training

  • Train you for handling GST documents, input documents and invoices
  • Product analysis with the questions whether the product under any restricted sales in India eg. Cement, Steel.

Regular Compliances

  • Reminder for GST payments and avoid penal actions
  • Filing return before the due date
  • 100% Accurate filing
  • Draft GST compuation send to client for confirmation
  • Filing GST only after your confirmation

Reconciliation of GST

Frequently check your eligible ITC and prepare GSTR 2A reconciliation

Documents Required for GST Return Filings Online 

GST Purchase

✓  Purchase Invoices.

✓  Invoice contains GST Number.

✓ Contains Invoice number & date.

   Descriptions of goods and services.

✓ Place of supply.

GST Sales


✓  Sales Invoice copy.

✓  Invoice contains GST Number.

✓  Contains Invoice number & date.

✓  Descriptions of goods and services.


GST Inputs Tax Credit(ITC)

✓  Input Bills copy.

✓ Invoice contains GST Number.

Advantages & Benefits of GST Registration in India 


  • GST Compliances Safeguard Your Business
  • GST Compliances Are Eligible For Business Loans
  • GST Compliances Are Eligible For Govt Loans
  • Customers Know About Your GST Compliances, Hence Business Relation Will Be Goods

Save Taxes 

  • Avoid Penal Actions
  • GST Is Great Benefits For Business Persons, Only GST Collected From Customers Are Paying After Input Credit. Nothing From Your Pocket
  • Tension Free Business For Non Compliances
  • Avoiding Late Fees And Penalty

Error Free 

  • Total Elimination Of Clerical Error / Error- Free Return
  • Tax Robo Recommends/Suggests Tax Savings Plan & Products To Clients

Compliance after GST Registration 


  • File maintenance is very important
  • Maintain your GST invoice and input documents in proper ordering
  • Filing GST return before the due date is art of administration
  • Periodical reconciliation is required

Working Capital 

  • Plan your prearation GST invoices and their collection before the GST payment date
  • Consider month end prepartion GST Taxable invoices. If you have enough working capital.