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GST Notice 

Did you get a Notice from the GST Department? Get professional assistance from Tax Robo to manage & file your GST notice reply today.

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GST Notice Reply 

One can make mistakes, either willfully (Let's hope you don't do that) or unwillingly, while calculating and filing GST since It is a self-assessing Tax.

We understand that you're likely to make mistakes out of the lack of knowledge related to filing your GST, but that doesn't mean the GST officials will cut you some slack.

You may receive a notice from the GST Department and what follows after that notice is something you don't want for your Business.

Types of Demand under GST

The GST Demand Notice Can Be Issued By The GST Officials For Short Payment Or Non-Payment Of GST In Following Two Different Situations:

  When there is no reason for fraud or wilful misstatement or suppression of facts

  When there is reason of fraud or wilful misstatement or suppression of facts Section 73 of GST Act – No Fraud or Misrepresentation

When There Is No Reason for Fraud or Wilful Misstatement Or Suppression Of Facts, a Demand Notice Is Issued Under Section 73 Of The GST Act.

Section 73 Of The CGST Act, Deals With The Cases Where Any Taxes Has Not Been Paid Or Short Paid Or Erroneously Refunded, Or Where Input Tax Credit Has Been Wrongly Availed Or Utilised For Any Reason, Other Than The Reason Of Fraud Or Any Wilful Misstatement Or Suppression Of Facts To Evade Tax.

In any case, Do Not Worry!

Tax Robo is here to help. We have the best team of Lawyers and GST experts to look into the matter and nip any issue in the bud.

We are always with You!

How it Works 

 Process of Responding GST Tax Notice by Tax Robo

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