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Analysis of Debtors & Creditors 

Tax Robo provides Accounts Receivable Services and Outsourced Finance and accounting services that help you improve cash flows and enhance payment collection processes.

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Analysis of Debtors & Creditors 

It is essential for money to exchange hands in order to grow and multiply, but handing over your hard-earned money to loan defaulters and people with a bad credit history is the perfect recipe for a financial disaster.

Every Individual seeking a loan must be analyzed in terms of their ability to repay the loan amount, with a suitable interest on time. To ensure credit security, one must also look at the borrower's ability to put up collateral of a value equal to or more than the amount sought as a loan.

Similarly, it is important to investigate the reliability of a money lender.

Investor's reputation, the rate at which they offer loans, collateral demanded as security and extension of repaying period & loan restructuring facility, and history with previous borrowers are some of the parameters one must for before asking for money.

It is also important to analyze one's own credit-bearing ability. The issue gets serious with a bigger loan amount as it often comes with a higher interest rate or a longer period of interest payment. With age, our financial stats may decline hence it is advisable to be done with any pending loan payments as soon as possible.

Let Tax Robo scrutinize your debtors & creditors for you, so that your money stays in safe hands, grows, and prospers.

Accounts Outsourcing Scope 

Affordable Bookkeeping For Your Business

  Cost-Effective Services

  Saving Upon Processing Time

  Access To The Latest Technology

  No Need To Hire / Train an Accountant

✓ Real Time Online Bookkeeping

✓ Built By CA/CS/CWA

Core Focus Area Of Online Accounting Services


  Bookkeeping Services

  Monthly Financial Products Statement And Management         Reports

  Business Activity Statements

  Payroll Management

  Accounts Payable & Paperless Payables

  Accounts Receivable & Debt Collection

  Entering Purchase & Sales

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Stage 4  

Resource deployment & training Project kick-off meeting

Stage 5

Project execution & management

On-going reporting & feedback

Stage 6

Work delivery to the client

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