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CMA refers to the Credit Monitoring Arrangement report. In the past, present and anticipated figures are prescribed by RBI with all the required financial analysis and ratio. It helps Bankers and Financial Analysts to strengthen their business. The purpose of the CMA preparation report is to request a business loan. Most bankers prepare the CMA report to get a business loan and understand the application of funds in a business. A professional CMA report can enhance the chances of obtaining a bank loan.

In India, one of the largest business service platforms is TAXROBO, They provide various services like CMA report preparation, Company incorporation, Trademark registration, GST registration, income tax filing, and many more. TAXROBO platform has an advisor that can help you prepare the professional CMA report to improve the chances of getting a bank loan.

Why is the CMA Report Preparation to be done?

CMA report preparation is mandatory for every business person, enterprise company, to apply for loans. The report helps you get funds for your startup business—moreover, the CMA report required project-oriented loans and long-term loans. Banks need the CMA report to ensure the effective use of funds allocated to the enterprise.

What is required to make CMA Report Preparation For Bank?

Generally, the CMA report format is fixed, which requires some necessary information like financial comparison, performance analysis, and details of credit card for the past two years. Reserve Bank of India provides a CMA report to be prepared by all banks for granting further loans to expand your business.

These are the following point you need to remember in CMA Report Preparation:

All present and future estimation of financing business has to disclose
Assets should make of actual values, not based on assumptions.
Figures provided by enterprises and the entrepreneurs in the CMA report should be an audit.
Projected figures in the CMA report also provided for better analysis.
How will the CRM Preparation Report work?

The following step will take to analysis your CMA Report:

1) Review of Business

When you prepare your CMA report online, it is essential to understand your business. So their manager will get in touch with you to give a fundamental analysis of your business and ask for the required documents for CMA report preparation.

2) Draft CMA Preparation:

Based on the understanding of your business, they will gather all information and will provide you with the drafted CMA report

3) Final CMA Report :

After discussing the draft report with you, they will offer you the final copy of the CMA report, ready for submission to your bank.

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CMA Preparation for Bank
Maniraj Anantham 29 February, 2024
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