Copyright Registration in India

 Copyright is the right of an original piece of work that owns by any individual. It is a law which protects creators from stealing. The creators of any content have exclusively right on its book for not letting it copy on another platform. Moreover, the original creator can register copyright on its content.

However, the original content includes anything such as literature, art, music, photography, film and any computer program etc. By registering copyright content, the symbol would place on the original piece of work which holds by the creator.

Copyright Registration Process and Procedure:

Firstly, the application has to fill the concern form with copyright registrar by the applicant for copyright registration of work. The separate copyright applications may have to fille depending on the type of work.

The applicant must have to duly sign an application form and submit it under the guidance of an advocate who has the exclusive right to handle your copyright registration.

Once you submitted your application form online, then you will get the Diary Number issued by the copyright registrar.

After issuing the Diary Number, the applicant will wait nearly 30 days for the process and examine the copyright application for discrepancies and objections.

If any objections have found, the applicant would receive notice then correct the object within 30 days from the issuance date of notification.

When the applicant removes or corrects the discrepancy and objection in the application, the copyright will be registered with the issuance of ROC (Register of Copyrights) which is registration certificate.

 Documents Required for Copyright Registration:

Name, Address and Nationality of the author work
Nature of the applicant's interest
Copies of the original work
ID proof of the owner and Incorporation certificate of business
Class and Description of the work
The language used in work
Title of the work
Date of publication
Benefits of Copyright Registration:

Public Record:
When the owner of the creator obtains the copyright registration then get an authoritative public record, that helps the imaginative creator to prove his ownership on its work.

Legal Protection:
If an owner has a copyright certificate for its content and someone can’t copy your content without your permission. This law provides secure protection of original content.

Owner Publicity:
If original content has copyright registration, the owner of the content can get fame across the world and could easily access in the copyright registry.

Brand Value:
Copyright registration is an excellent step to protect your original content and generates the goodwill in the market. It provides the opportunity to owner to sell its content.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):

Q1- Can anyone apply for copyright registration directly?

Yes, anyone can apply for copyright registration to protect original content from stealing.

Q2- Is there any international copyright Registry?

No, there is no international registry for copyright-protected works.

Q3- Is copyright society exists?

Yes, it exists, and it is a certified collective administration society under the section of the Copyright Act, 1957.

Q4- In what period copyright registration is valid?

Copyright Registration is applicable for 60 years and this year counted from the expiry of the author.

Q5- Can the owner sells or transfer a Copyright Registration?

Yes, owner of the original content can sell, transfer or gift the Copyright Registration to anyone.

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Copyright Registration in India
Maniraj Anantham 1 March, 2024
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