FSSAI (Food License) Registration Process

FSSAI Registration Introduction:

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has established under the Standards Act, 2006. The Authority is responsible for implementing the various acts and order regarding food-related issues in different Ministries and Departments. The FSSAI has created on the Science-based standards for foods safety. Moreover, it handles the food manufacture, storage and sale distribution.

The Act has the aim to create the single reference point for all tasks related to food safety and standards by doing multi-level department to single command. The head office of Food Safety and Standards Authority of India held at Delhi. Moreover, FSSAI is an independent statutory Authority.

FSSAI Registration Requirements:

 FSSAI Registration is a license that is required for all FBO in the food business. It includes the following companies.

FBO that has annual turnover is not more than Rs. 12 lac and require for small scale food businesses.
It also for petty retailers that involve in dealing with food products.
The person who is a manufacturer or seller can sell the food products
The temporary stallholder is also required for FSSAI registration to grow the food business on a small scale.
Any person who deals with the distribution of food in the religious or social gathering has to register for FSSAI.

FSSAI Registration Process:

FSSAI Registration starts with the submission of Form A to the Food and Safety Department.

After submission of Form A, the food and safety department may accept or reject this form of the applicants for specific reasons. The information has sent to the applicant regarding rejection or acceptance of the document in written format.

If the application accepted, then the food and safety department will grant the registration certificate to the applicant with registration number and photo id.

The food business owner should display the registration certificate at the place of business during business hours.


Address Proof
List of food category and products
List of equipment
A complete and signed Form B
NOC from municipality
Layout plan of the location
Water Test Report
Import Export Code
List of directors
Incorporation certificate

Benefits of FSSAI Registration:

Customer Awareness:
In the growing age of science and technology, the customer has become more aware of food safety and its standards. When customer purchase food to keep in mind that food should be fair and hygienic food. Those small food businesses have FSSAI registration to make the consumers trust on them. Moreover, this Registration provides the facility to complain about food safety if anything is wrong with food.

Legal Benefits:
Nowadays, everybody feels that obtaining food license is a difficult job with a lot of paper-work stuff and money wastage. But the reality is the opposite of all these hurdles. Because the Food safety and standard Authority provide the license with easy way and few fee charges, also, they give that food business owner who meets the food standards. It is a legal benefit to get the food license of not being imposed on a hefty penalty.

FSSAI logo issues only that food business who meets the safety and hygiene standards. Using the FSSAI logo on the food item will give your food product a superior quality over others. FSSAI license is a valid number which gains the trust or customers about food safety and standards.

Business Growth:
To start a new food business at a new place; it is a difficult task to gain the trust of customers on selling food. But if you have FSSAI license, then the customer will fee free to purchase food from your shop or stall etc. It is the best way to grow your business sale with FSSAI license number. Moreover, it will make it easier to get a loan from banks to grow the business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q1: How to renew the FSSAI license after expiry?

FSSAI registration can’t renew if it is not applied within 30 days after the expiry date. So once the license expired, the FBO should again use.

Q2: What is the fee for modification of FSSAI license?

No, there is no fee required for the modification of FSSAI license Registration.

Q3: Can pharmacy and medical store apply for FSSAI license?

Yes, all pharmacy and medical store must apply for FSSAI license if they are selling food supplements or Nutraceutical products.

Q4: Who issues the FSSAI Registration Number for the food business in Railways?

FSSAI license issued by the FSSAI notified the designated officer or Food Safety officer of Railways.

Q5: Does NOC(No objection certificate) on exporting the food product from FSSAI?

No, there is no requirement to get the NOC on exporting the food products from FSSAI.

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FSSAI (Food License) Registration Process
Maniraj Anantham 1 March, 2024
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