Housing Society Registration and Compliance


Housing society means a residential building where a group of people lives under one roof. The organization has its object of promoting its members' economic interest or general welfare to facilitate society's operations. When you purchased a flat in a co-operative society, society's owner will provide you all the basic needs like water connection, watchman, etc. Moreover, it also offers interests like maintenance of common areas such as the terrace. It will be best if you take part in forming a society or living in a community.

Housing Society Registration:

Hosing society registration is a mandatory procedure to make your society a legal entity. So if anyone wants to form a housing society, it needs to put up a proposal for the Registration of a housing society, and either builder or Flat purchaser can do it.

The registration process of a housing society in India:

You need to follow the following steps if you want to register your housing society in India.

General body meeting (Before Registration)
First of all, the builder or flat purchaser must meet the Chief promoter under the Society Model by-law (iii). The chief advocate is selected by members who sign the registration application before the registering authority, under by-law 3 (xii).

In this meeting, some mandatory things will process, like opening a bank account or permission of reserving the society name. These things are necessary to recognize society, and the first meeting will record in the video.

Application for Registration
In the application process, the first step is to reserve the name of society. It will do by society promoters' signature, which has attended the meeting. Then they allow the expression of community and grant permission to open a bank account. The Chief promoter is a person who collects all the charges that need to register an application for housing society and deposit it into the bank. However, without the Registrar's permission, the deposit amount cannot withdraw until the company is registered or its registration application refused. In the meantime, the chief promoter has to submit the society registration proposal to the registering authority within three months.


Documents required for Registration:
Property Card extract, the purpose of this card it to validate the ownership of the property
Certificate of the competent authority regarding non-agriculture land
Applicable or non Applicable land celling Act
Construction Map
Letter for starting construction
Certificate of authority regarding completion of construction work
Letter of Power of Attorney of land
Title search report land
List of members
Scheme of Society
Application of Society Registration(A form)
Giving information about society(B form)
Giving details of a member of society(C form)
Bank statement of member(D form)
Guarantee letter by the chief promoter
Guarantee letter by the builder
Affidavit of Members
Two copies of approved society by commissioner and Registrar
Bank balance proof of promoter member
Challan of Rs 2500. Deposited in Government Treasury.
FAQ of Housing Society Registration

Q: What is the minimum number of promoters required for society registration?

If a builder constructs a building, then 60% of flat purchasers and promoters are required for society registration.

Q: Housing Society less than ten units can register?

The society which has less than ten units can register if they fulfill the following conditions :

The built-up area should not more than 700 sq.fr of each unit.
There should not be balance F.S.I
Q: The chief promoters have the authority to withdraw the deposit money from the bank?

No, the chief promoter has got no authority to withdraw the money. Only the Registrar has got the power to withdraw money before the Registration of housing society.

Q: How much Government will charge for the Registration of housing society?

The Government's current registration fee for housing society is Rs:2500.

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Housing Society Registration and Compliance
Maniraj Anantham 5 December, 2022
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