LLP Registration benefits
LLP Registration

The Procedures For Registering An LLP In India

The ministry of corporate affairs introduced the LLP act in 2008 to promote trade and commerce. This step was taken to increase the index for ease of business in India. 

Purpose Of Registration

The registration process for registering an LLP can achieve any or all of the below aims:

i. Convert a registered company into an LLP.

ii. Start a new LLP.

iii. Convert partnership firm into an LLP.

The First Step

i. DPIN is the basic thing needed to begin the registration process. This is acquired by filing the eForm online.

ii. Digital Signature should be obtained for continuing the registration process.

iii. The final step is name approval. Ministry of corporate affairs will verify your proposed names and give approval for one of them.

Once the above steps have been finished successfully, we can proceed with the actual registration process. It is always a good idea to save time, money and energy to approach a ministry authorised reputed LLP forming company to do your registration. 

2. Incorporating Your LLP

The incorporation is filed on Form 2. This can be done only after getting your name approved as detailed above. Form 2 contains subscriber statement and incorporation document. The ministry will inform you on your registered email that the incorporation has been approved.

3. The LLP Agreement

Form 3 is the correct application form for filing your LLP agreement between the partners. This should be filed within 30 days of getting approval for incorporation.

Legal Requirements For An LLP

i. It should have a minimum of two partners with no limit to the maximum.

ii. Address proof of the registered office.

iii. Digital signatures of all partners at the time of formation.

iv. Details of contribution from each partner for the capital requirements of the LLP.

v. Details of the person who is designated as a representative in case of a corporate body being involved as a partner.

vi. DIN numbers of all partners at the time of formation.

How Much Time Is Required To Register An LLP?

All the procedures can be completed online by an experienced LLP affairs managing company in a few days time. All the processes can be completed in less than a week’s time once you obtain your digital signatures and DPINs.

Name approval: Two working days.

Submission of documents: Three working days.

Short Summary of All Procedures

i. Digital Signature of all partners.

ii. DIN number for all partners.

iii. Name approval.

iv. Incorporation.

v. LLP agreement.

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CS.A.Maniraj.,B.Com.,ACS.,CA(Fin), Independent Director 
Certified CSR Professional., Certified GST Professional.

LLP Registration benefits
Maniraj Anantham 1 March, 2024
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