Main Objects Of Hotel And Restaurants
Main Objects of Hotels

Main Objects Of Hotel And Restaurants

To acquire, construct, own, operate, run and manage and to carry on the business of running hotels, motels, holiday camps, guest houses, restaurants, rest rooms, resorts, canteens, kitchens, food courts, microbreweries, shops, stores, mobile food counters, eating houses, kiosks, outlets, cafeterias, dine in facility, take away and/or delivery based services, caterers, cafes, taverns, pubs, bars, beer houses, refreshment rooms and lodging or apartments of house keepers, service apartments, night clubs, casinos, discotheques, swimming pools, health clubs, baths, dressing rooms, licensed victuallers, wine, beer and spirits merchants, exporters, importers, and manufacturers of aerated mineral and artificial water and other drinks, purveyors, caterers of public amusement generally and all business incidental thereto, whether as owners, co-owners, joint ventures, operators, franchisees, franchisers and/or any other business model.

To carry on the business of manufacturing, buying, selling, producing, processing, importing, exporting, distributing, trading, supplying, running, managing and dealing in all kinds of food, food products, dairy products, bakery & confectionery products, whether as owners, co-owners, joint ventures, operators, franchisees, franchisers and/or any other business model.

To purchase the lands and premises now and to purchase, take on lease or otherwise acquire lands, buildings or elsewhere for the business of hotels, restaurants, snack bars, cafe, ice cream parlour, dairy products, confectionaries and allied food products and to sell and let the lands of the company or to use the same or any part thereof, or to acquire and use other lands for the construction of hotels, restaurants and entertainment centres, amusements parks with or without shopping plaza etc. etc.

To carryon the business of and management and marketing of Hotel, Holiday Resorts, Villas, Lodgings, Stalls, Garages, Summer Houses Chateaus, Castles, Inns, Hostels, Road Houses, Motels, Taverns, Rest Houses, Guest Houses, Apartments and Digs. 

To Sell, Serve and to distribute and to manage and market of, selling, serving and distribution of comestibles, eatables, Victuals, Meat, bread, bread stuffs and all types of foodstuff and human consumables. 

To sell and serve distribute and to manage and market the manufacture, selling, serving and distributing of soft drinks, aerated waters, beverages both natural and artificial, fresh and canned vegetables and meats, fresh and canned food stuffs, fresh and canned fruits, dried fruits and to manufacture, grow, produce, develop, process (including canning, cold storage, deep freezing de-hydration, baking, drying, bottling and packing) of all types of vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, pieces and condiments. 

To carry on the business of travel agents, hirers of motor and other vehicles, caterers for public amusements, hair dressers, perfumers, chemists, proprietors of clubs, baths, dressing rooms, laundries, reading rooms, writing rooms, news papers and smoking room, libraries, places of amusements, recreation, sports, entertainments and instruction of all kinds, departmental stores, agents for railway, shipping and airline companies and carriers, theatrical and opera box office proprietors, insurance agents.

Main Objects Of Hotel And Restaurants
Maniraj Anantham 29 April, 2024
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